The Chelsea Flower Show and Proteus Show It’s Easy Being Green

chelsea-green-roof-original-27The Chelsea Flower Show is not a place with which you would normally associate a revolution. But for the last few years something has been quietly changing: Green Roofs have been taking over. Proteus’ Cold-Melt® can lay the waterproof foundations for you to keep up with the trend. Green Roofs are beginning to be seen as much more than the attractive, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional roofing that they are and are being accepted as legitimate gardening options. They have come so far in fact that the RBC New Wild Garden that won a Silver-Gilt medal in 2011 was a Green Roof encompassing sedums, wildflowers, herbs and flowering perennials. Not all Green Roofs need such hard work, however, and even the simplest example will help to improve local biodiversity, improve the look of the building and improve insulation thus lowering heating costs in the winter. You need only two things to get started with your Green Roof: soil and a waterproof roof. Proteus’ Cold-Melt® waterproofing system is purpose-made to incorporate Green and Brown Roofs and, with its unparalleled seamless cold-applied waterproof finish, is quick, simple and safe to apply. Call Proteus now on +44 (0)1268 777871  to discuss further how Cold-Melt® could help you on your way to a Green Roof.