Roz is rolling with the punches

With only five weeks until Proteus’ Office Manager Roz Richardson gets in the ring at York Hall for her fight debut, there’s no doubt she’s ready for the big day! Now training as much as four nights a week, Roz is also in philosophical mood and asks “What’s the worst that can happen?”

According to Chris Barnes, her trainer at the Ripped Gym Fight Club in Basildon, Roz has every right to feel confident as she packs something of a punch. And thanks to her strict training programme, which now includes gruelling sparring sessions, she is also becoming skilled in the art of not being hit.

After wearing a gum shield for the first time for a sparring session, Roz tweeted: “I wore a gum shield for the first time yesterday @rippedgym2 and got my first nose bleed as the result of tidy jab – loving sparring though!”

Her journey to the ring will be a steep learning curve and one which has seen her pick up various tricks of the trade, all whilst keeping her sense of humour. “If you don’t want to get punched in the face @rippedgym2 Fight Club then keep your guard up! Hmmmm, Lesson well learned tonight!!”

So how will Roz get on when she goes toe-to-toe at one of London’s most famous boxing venues on November 27? Give her your support by heading to and giving as much as you can. Her colleagues at Proteus, as well as the company’s roofing contractor customers are all getting behind her with sponsorship for her two charities.

For a blow-by-blow account of Roz’s progress, check out her twitter account @Roz_Richardson or follow the gym at @rippedgym2. Or you can get even closer to the action by purchasing tickets to the event, which start from £30 with ringside seats for just £50.