Proteus’ Roz goes the distance at York Hall

After 12 weeks of gruelling training, Proteus Waterproofing’s Office Manager Roz Richardson gloved up and went the distance in her impressive boxing debut at one of Britain’s oldest known boxing venues.  In a hard fought match, Roz just missed out on a win after a split decision by the ringside judges but raised more than £3000 for charity in the process.

In a packed out York Hall in Bethnal Green, the fighting fit Roz enthralled the crowd with her boxing skills, which were honed under the guidance of Chris Barnes of Ripped Gym Fight Club in Basildon.

Roz said: “I was lucky enough to participate in an epic night at a legendary venue has raised that, so far, has managed to raise over £3000 and a lot of awareness for our chosen charities; the Forget-me-not suite at Basildon Hospital and Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming.”

“I feel immensely privileged to have had this opportunity especially when I think of the great fighters that have stepped into that very same boxing ring before me. As my trainer Chris Barnes advised I had to ‘train hard to fight easy’, and as I left without so much as a bruise I have to thank him for his words of wisdom – and militant training regime!” added Roz.

Both Roz and Proteus regularly tweeted throughout her training. From learning to keep her guard up following a tough sparring session to her trainer announcing she is “actually starting to look like a boxer”, Roz pushed herself to the limit to get in top fighting shape.

For a blow-by-blow account of Roz’s boxing experience, check out her twitter account @Roz_Richardson or follow the gym at @rippedgym2. And to make a donation, click here to access her JustGiving page.