Project Brief:

With a waterproofing system required to protect the concrete podium above the ground floor car park, a selection of hot and cold applied products were provided by Proteus Waterproofing that met the requirements of the client Linden Homes.  The licensed roofing contractor worked with Proteus Waterproofing on a dual system specification which included the fast and economical Proteus Hot Melt® waterproofing system, and for the intricate detailing around upstands and to avoid hot works around the plastic soil and vent pipes, the Cold Melt® waterproofing system was the ideal solution.

Key Requirement: Fast, hassle-free application

With the podium deck covering 3000m2, the Proteus Hot Melt® system was the optimum waterproofing solution for a robust, cost effective , seamless  and fast application.  This solution worked exceptionally well for the Licensed Contractor and is compatible with the fast applied Cold Melt® solution which was used for high detail items including plastic soil and vent pipes and upstands.  There was also the added challenge of wet brickwork and an exacting building program to keep to. To overcome this problem, Proteus isolated the wet substrate with Pro-DPM Primer (Damp Proof Primer) which can be applied to green concrete 3 days old and then followed immediately by the Proteus waterproofing system. This enabled the Cold Melt® to be installed on to the vertical elevations will no loss of time.                                     

Key Requirement: Quality control

Proteus Waterproofing worked in close partnership with its Licensed Contractor to successfully deliver the project to a very high standard within the required timeframe.

Key Requirement: Long term performance

Incorporating recycled rubber-crumb and other organically grown products, Cold Melt® creates an elastomeric, seamless, cold applied membrane and can outlast the lifetime of the substrate on which it is installed.

Offering extended life expectancy and excellent waterproofing performance, Proteus Hot Melt® waterproofing has been engineered as a buried structural waterproofing membrane and can incorporate insulation and finishes for inverted roofs such as green or ballasted roofs.