Project Brief

The brief demanded a new waterproof overlay able to bond to the existing PVC single ply membrane, and importantly also the ability to seamlessly continue and form the roof to the new extension.

Key Requirement: Health and Safety

With a term time installation and children’s safety of utmost importance, the cold-applied Pro-System 15 met the criteria.

Key Requirement: Seamless waterproofing

As the PVC single ply membrane failed at lap joints, Pro-System 15 was selected as it can bond to PVC, forming a seamless waterproof covering.

Key Requirement: Complex detailing

Pro-System 15 forms a seamless membrane, even with the most complex detailing, including low upstands.

Key Requirement: Performance

Pro-System seamless waterproofing technology provides durability terms of 10, 15, 20 and 25 years and is suitable for both refurbishment and new build.