Project Brief: 

A swift decision was required as, if the roof was allowed to deteriorate further, water ingress would cause damage to the timber deck and increase the chances of having to have a total roof renewal. Not only would this raise the cost of the roof refurbishment but would also cause disruption to the residents’ everyday lives as well as affect the internal decoration of some of the flats.

As the most suitable solution to extend the lifespan of the roof while keeping costs to a minimum,architects, Earl Kendrick Associates Ltd, specified a Proteus Pro-System® Built-Up Roof from Proteus Waterproofing.

Key Requirements: Health and Safety

When working on occupied buildings, especially in crowded towns and cities, safety is of paramount importance. The 700m2 roof on Rosemont Court has a timber deck structure which is potentially flammable. Using Proteus liquid applied systems minimise the risk of fire because they are cold installed and therefore remove the risks posed by heat or open roof torch flames, consequently protecting operatives, building occupants and members of the public.

Key Requirements: Quality Control

Proteus Waterproofing and the licensed contractor worked in close partnership to successfully deliver the project to a very high standard and provide the client with a long lasting solution.

The high performance Proteus Pro-System® built-up roof system incorporated Pro-Vapour SA, 120mm Proteus Pro-Therm insulation bonded using adhesive and Proteus Pro-Carrier.  Finally, Proteus Pro-System® fully reinforced roof coating in mid grey was applied to provide a fast, reliable and high quality seamless roofing solution.

Key Requirements: Long-term Performance and durability

Proteus Pro-System® waterproofing system offers 10, 15, 20 and 25-year durability options which are available with independently provided insurance.  It is part of a range of Proteus system solutions which also include inverted roofs, green roofs and podium decks. Proteus Pro-System® does not have any joints and minimal maintenance is now required on the roofs.