Project Brief
For the application, Regent applied two Pro-Felt overlays comprising a Bituminous Primer, Pro-Felt SA Underlay-Film and Pro-Felt T/O 4.5 KG Mineral Capsheet. The third roof was stripped down completely to the existing deck before the application of a new Pro-Felt built-up roof system.

Key Requirements: Health and Safety
Working on occupied buildings, particularly in cities, safety is always of utmost importance. Proteus Waterproofing’s Licenced Contractor was equipped to meet all health and safety criteria to work on occupied buildings and minimise risk to operatives, building occupants and members of the public.

Key Requirement: High performance waterproofing
Pro-Felt is engineered with the most advanced technology in bituminous membranes available. It has class-leading SBS content which allows the flexible membrane to move with the building and ensure long term durability and performance.

Key Requirement: Durability
Pro-Felt waterproofing system offers 10, 15, 20 and 25 year durability options which are also available with independent insurance backed guarantees.