Project Brief
Following a thorough inspection by Proteus Waterproofing, the company’s Pro-System seamless overlay was installed by a licensed contractor to extend the lifespan of the roofs within a tight budget.

Key Requirement: High performance waterproofing
With the roofs allowing water ingress, a low maintenance waterproofing overlay was required. Pro-System provided a smooth installation for complex detailing on the lower roof – where steel stanchions had penetrated the asphalt – to ensure water could not track under a new suspended classroom.

Key Requirements: Health and safety
Due to the congested roof with timber detailing, support beams and other potentially flammable building materials, the use of Pro-System 20 cold installed waterproofing overlay removed the risks posed by heat or open roof torch flames.

Key Requirements: Quality control
Proteus Waterproofing worked in close partnership with the licensed contractor to provide a long term solution for the complex roof system, in particular the lower asphalt roof and the detail design input required to secure a Guarantee.

Key Requirements: Durability
Pro-System offers 10, 15, 20 and 25 year durability options which are also available with independently provided insurance.