Project Brief
To deliver exceptional waterproofing performance with a long term guarantee, Proteus supplied its high
performance, seamless and cold-applied Pro-System 25 waterproofing membrane.

Key Requirement: Quality control
Proteus Waterproofing worked in close partnership with the Licenced Contractor to ensure the project was
successfully delivered to a very high standard.

Key Requirements: Flexibility
The roof system had to be installed during the major refurbishment of the building and around many other
trades. Proteus Waterproofing design team provided details as the works progressed and the Licenced
Contractor was able to work around other trades because of the versatility of Pro-System.

Key Requirements: Health and safety
Working on occupied buildings, particularly residential and educational, safety is always of utmost importance.
Proteus Waterproofing range of cold installed roof, gutter and other waterproofing systems provide a safe option,
minimising risk to both operatives and occupants.

Key Requirements: Durability
Pro-System 25 offers a low maintenance, durable waterproofing and protection solution to a range of
buildings. Proteus Waterproofing roof systems come in a range of 10, 15, 20 and 25 year options.