Project Brief

As the balconies provide an important recreational area for residents, they needed to be returned to use as quickly as possible and with minimal inconvenience. Offering reliability and a fast application allowing foot access within two hours, market leading Pro-Cold BW from Proteus Waterproofing provided the ideal solution.
Key Requirement: Health & Safety

As an occupied, residential block, the residents’ and children’s safety was of utmost importance. Being cold installed, Pro-Cold BW met the criteria and minimised disruption during the day.
Key Requirement: Seamless Waterproofing

To extend the ageing existing covering life, a UV Light stable overlay with durable skid-inhibiting finish was required.
Key Requirement: Complex Detailing

Pro-Cold BW offered a cold applied, safe installation particularly in a confined working environment, where hot applied systems may introduce an element of risk.
Key Requirement: Performance

Pro-Cold BW protective coating provides a durable solution, and is suitable for refurbishment of various substrates typically found on balconies, stairwells and communal walkways.