Project Brief: 

As an urgent requirement, a high quality repair system was required that could be safely and quickly applied with minimal disruption to the building and its occupants.

Key Requirement: Structural stability

Where concrete degradation was most advanced, these areas were repaired prior to the application of Proteus Deckmaster HFS.

Key Requirement: Speed of application

The Deckmaster HFS System fitted the bill perfectly by combining a fast-curing application, better anti-slip properties and an aesthetically appealing finish.

Key Requirement: Slip resistance

The fast curing system was binded with bauxite aggregate to provide a slip-resistant finish that would not only stand the test of time but meet the challenges presented by a highly trafficked site.

Key Requirement: Aesthetic finish

Sealed with an Ultra Violet stable top coat, the deck was finished in two separate colours to provide a clear distinction between the vehicle traffic aisle and pedestrian walkways.