Project Brief

With a previous felt roof repair unable to cure the problem, a site visit showed that the 100m2 metal façade over the front kerb required a new waterproofing system. The Pro-Hydrobond system was selected for its high performance properties and fast cure abilities – allowing a rapid and reliable installation with a short return to service time. Supported with Pro-Force reinforcement to strengthen weak joints and bolt heads, the application delivered a watertight finish without the cost and disruption of a complete roof replacement.

Key Requirement: Minimal disruption

Cold-applied as a liquid and requiring just 20 minutes to dry, the fast curing and low odour Pro-Hydrobond system ensured minimal disruption and inconvenience to the building and its occupants.

Key Requirement: Health and safety

With access to the roof limited and scaffolding not an option, the Pro-Hydrobond system provided a safe and efficient application, minimising risk to both occupants and the specialist contractor’s operatives.

Key Requirement: Durability

Pro-Hydrobond offers a durable, UV resistant and seamless waterproofing and protection solution for a range of commercial and industrial buildings.