Project Brief:              

Following discussions on the most suitable, waterproofing solution, Proteus Cold Melt® was selected for its ease of installation, allowing phased work, as well as providing a seamless, bonded overlay to the existing asphalt covering. Applied by the Proteus Licensed Contractor, 2000m2 of Cold Melt® seamless waterproofing was selected to extend the lifespan of the roof.

Key Requirement: Minimal disruption

It was decided to temporarily remove the brick paving and bed of sand, to expose the asphalt covering and allow a phased installation of Proteus Cold Melt®. As the Cold Melt® cured, the sand and brick paving were returned.  The solution from Proteus Waterproofing ensured minimal disruption and inconvenience

Key Requirement: Health and safety

Working on occupied buildings, particularly in cities, safety is always of utmost importance. Proteus liquid applied systems are cold installed and met all health and safety criteria to work on this listed building and minimise risk of fire.

Key Requirement: Quality Control                                                   

Proteus Waterproofing worked in close partnership with the Licensed Contractor to successfully deliver the project to a very high standard.

Key Requirement: Excellent performance

Incorporating recycled rubber-crumb and other organically grown products, Cold Melt® creates an elastomeric, seamless, cold applied membrane.